If I was Mayor for the Day…

In Children and families, Education, Latest News by Jonathan Lovett

By Andre, 16, a pupil at LAE Tottenham

“I would try to focus on communities. On my day there will be some sort of committee set up that ensures the local community will stay as it is. And, if people have moved out of where they used to live, they would still have somewhere they could come back to where they can see people who were also in their community.

I would also focus on providing more green spaces for Londoners. Especially where there’s places where there’s lots of housing. And I would improve the state of those parks that do exist perhaps through events that can raise money for their maintenance.

The NHS is pretty much declining so I would look at projects which people don’t necessarily need and put more money into the NHS. On my day I will also broadcast information about homelessness in London and start a city-wide initiative to help them.

At the end of the day I’ll have a party. I’m quite a geeky person so I would take all the actors in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War film and have them there. Jeremy Corbyn can also come. Perhaps Corbyn can join the Avengers?”

Andre (Mayor for the Day)