My Favourite Recipe is…

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Former actor and singer Wayne Clark runs Sage, the new café at 40 Lordship Lane. His labour of love serves up a winning combo of breakfast and brunch options, vegetarian and vegan meals, bagels and burgers washed down with lots of smoothies and hot drinks. While funky tunes played in the background Wayne – who is also a band manager – showed us how to make one of his delicious steak burgers with trimmings.



Cooking time: half an hour


For the burgers

Minced rump beef (100g – 130g for each patty)

Few glugs of red wine

All Purpose Seasoning (“Dunn’s River is a good one”)

Few drops of olive oil

Few drops of vegetable oil

One big red onion

One tomato

One roll per burger

For the wedges

Two Maris Piper potatoes

For the coleslaw

As much red cabbage as you like

Couple of carrots

One apple

Coarse black pepper

Polish mayonnaise


  1. Make a patty with the mince beef adding as much red wine as you like, a few drops of olive oil and the seasoning. (“I also add a special little ingredient but that’s a secret and you’ll just have to come to the café to try it!”)
  2. Leave the patties overnight in a fridge to marinate.
  3. Heat up a few drops of vegetable oil in a frying pan and put the patties in to brown the outsides. Don’t fry for too long and don’t have the heat up too high. Perhaps three – four minutes on each side.
  4. Put the oven on to warm up.
  5. When it’s nice and warm put the patties on a tray in the oven for five – ten minutes so they cook through and still keeps moist.
  6. That’s the burgers taken care of. Perhaps before you start frying these parboil two good size potatoes. Take them off the heat and chop them up so you have eight segments. Then heat up some more oil in a frying pan and put the wedges in on a medium heat. Keep turning to brown all over.
  7. For the coleslaw I chop up some red cabbage, a couple of carrots and one apple and mix together with some coarse black pepper, a little olive oil and spoons of Polish mayonnaise.
  8. Stick a roll in the oven for a few minutes to warm up, chop up the red onion and tomato and add that to the roll once it’s out, pop the burger in and serve-up. Delicious!
  • Sage is open daily from 9am to 4pm apart from Monday when it is open 11am to 2pm.