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In Community, Education, Latest News by Jonathan Lovett

Victoria, 16, and Omar, 15, both live in north Tottenham. They are currently doing their GCSEs at the Duke’s Aldridge Academy in Trulock Road.

What do you like about this area?

Victoria: I like how everything is easily accessible. Almost anything you need is close to hand and easy to get to. We also have quite a few green spaces compared to some other areas of London.

Omar: I’ve lived here for the past six years and there is what I’d describe as a good ‘essence’ about the area that I don’t feel in other places. People are very friendly.

What would you like to change?

Victoria: I think it’s a bit messy! Other parts of London can be a bit cleaner and tidier. But, saying that, it does feel like home!

Omar: There needs to be more to do for young people. It would be good to have more youth clubs which would then give the community more of a sense of purpose. It would also help people’s morale.

What do you feel about the planned regeneration of the area?

Omar: I think for the most part it is a good idea. But you have to be careful not to push people and local businesses away which might have been here for a long time. It’s important to remember the people in particular because they make Tottenham…well…Tottenham!

Victoria: I agree. A community is about people as well as buildings. I like the community in Tottenham and if I go to a shop people are friendly and warm towards each other. And if someone new walks in they are warm towards them.

What memories do you have of the area?

Victoria: Every year, since I was about six, we go to the Bruce Castle Funfair. It’s great and that’s one of the main things I associate with the area and of growing up in Tottenham.

Omar: The memory that sticks out would be the riots. I would like to see change because, in part, that memory is one of the first that comes to mind. And that’s why it’s important that money being pumped into the area does help the locals.

What would you love to do as a career?

Victoria: Right now I’m quite interested in Herpetology – the study of reptiles.

Omar: I plan to study Maths at university but I’ve no idea. I do know I want to be successful in what I do.

Victoria and Omar